Easier in China

10 -year experience
Partnered with more than 200 brands
More than 450 cases
Cooperate with 10 platforms

Netops focuses on providing personalized one-stop solutions
for international brands and well known domestic brands.
We specialize in synchronizing brand strategies with management and marketing to achieve sustainable growth by shaping brand
perception and building brand awareness.

Netops was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Hangzhou,
in the same district as Alibaba, with over 450 employees.
Since the establishment of Tmall, we have been rated as a
distinguished operator in the E-commerce industry.

About us

Netops is committed to being the ideal E-commerce
and online retail partner to businesses in China.

Our services


Netops provides one-stop E-commerce operation & management services. We are also a distribution co-operator and provide value-added services,
such as: strategic consulting, marketing promotion, creative design, and brand databank.

Strategy Plan

We offer our customers comprehensive
strategic planning and consulting services to
enter the Chinese market

Store Operations

We provide store operations, marketing,
promotional activities,
pre-post customer service and,
overall web design services.

Data Analysis

We provide constructive suggestions
for customers based on data analysis
and continuously optimize
store operations

platform support


Strong self-development capability
to provide technical
support for system docking


Core Competencies

Cooperative Partner


Our cooperation started since
its first present in Tmall in 2013,
today it has become one of the largest
imported infant formula brands in China.


A reasonable block layout for
the page according to browsing habits,
and visual design planning to achieve
a more perfect user experience

AGE 20’S

We successfully helped AGE 20’s to
enter the Chinese market.
Within half a year,
we became the KA platform merchants
of all major platforms,
and the explosive air cushion sales
all stabilized the TOP list.


Since 2015, Triumph became a top brand of
underwear by a medium-strength merchant.
Netops also operates from a single channel
to become an online omni-channel operator

Dr. Brown

9 years, Never forget why you started
We help Dr. Brown to change from
an American brand to a must-have
babybottle brand.


Since 2015, Netops has assisted the
world-renowned cereal breakfast brand to
enter Tmall and quickly
explore the Chinese market.
During the period of 618 in 2018,
the sales volume of explosives
jumped to the top of the
brewing category, and successfully created
the most explosive cereals
in the whole network,
becoming a well-known
SKA merchant in the industry.


Since the cooperation in 2018,
Netopshas educated consumers
through Tmall's full-link content
marketing to enhance their awareness
and help brands achieve their
marketing goals.


From the beginning of the brand in 2014,
GANT is more like a child born in theNetops.
From zero to now,
it has become a high-end
international men's KA merchant.

Recognized by the Industry

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